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VAG Singapore Service & Tuning is overseen by professional and experienced managers with over 25 years of hands-on technical experience earned in the workshops of official Audi and Volkswagen dealerships, as well as in private garages specializing in VAG group car brands.

Find out why so many Audi and Volkswagen owners trust our technical expertise and have made us the Number 1 recommended VW Audi workshop in Singapore.

VAG Service Centre & Accident Repair Workshop

The VAG Singapore Service & Accident Repair Centre is headed by Mr Chan Kian-Ann.

Chan Kian Ann


Chan has more than two decades (20+ years) of experience in workshop operations, all of which were spent in authorized agent workshops where he learnt the fine details of repairing and maintaining European vehicles. Of these, 20 years were spent specialising in Audi and Volkswagen.

A glance at Chan's technical experience demonstrates his capabilities and relevance to the VAG community. His experience prior to founding VAG consisted of:

  • 6 years as a mechanic
  • 5 years as a workshop supervisor
  • 1 year as a workshop consultant
  • 8 years as an electrician
  • 3 years as a workshop manager
  • 30 years as an Audi enthusiast

Chan also spent 4 years operating the 24-hour AudiAssist service that attends to vehicle breakdowns at all hours of the day or night. This has equipped him with a logical and pragmatic approach to troubleshooting mechanical faults, and a trustworthy and reassuring hand when dealing with stranded drivers.

Chan's love for the Audi brand spans more than 3 decades, and he holds a particular interest in customized modifications involving original Audi and VW parts. It is his dedication to providing Real Benefit with Genuine Safety that has shaped the strongly customer-centric philosophy of VAG SG.

Chan's unassuming, down-to-earth approach to life has gained him numerous loyal fans over the years, and his honest advice keeps Volkswagen and Audi customers coming back to him.

Click here to see some of the cars Chan works on at VAG SG.

Chan himself is the proud owner of an Audi A6 C6 - fully upgraded and specced at VAG Singapore. 

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VAG Performance Upgrades

Darren heads up the VAG Tuning & Performance Parts Centre, which provides specialised modifications and performance parts for Audi and Volkswagen.

VAG only recommends parts and modifications that we've tested - most of the time on our own cars. Darren has owned and modified his own Audis, from the B6 (2001) generation of A4 to the latest high performance V8-engined Audi S5. Here's a photo of Darren's VAG-tuned Ultimate S5, which has been featured in international Audi media:

The VAG Tuned Ultimate S5

Come down to VAG Singapore and chat with Darren, Audi owner to Audi owner. Or click here to email Darren directly at VAG Singapore.

VAG Tuning

Eugene leads the performance chip tuning division of VAG and there is no more passionate or experienced tuner in the Volkswagen Audi tuning scene in Singapore. Also active in several Southeast Asian markets, Eugene has extensive experience with on-road custom tuning and matching hardware modifications to optimized ECU tuning maps.

BE WARNED: Power is addictive.

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