Air Intakes

High performance air intakes from VAG that improve intake airflow yet retain original levels of filtration. Get your engine breathing better!

VAG Air Intake Systems

VAG Air Intake Systems for Audi and Volkswagen are meticulously designed and manufactured to ensure your engine receives an unrestricted supply of cool, clean air.

Your stock filter is efficient and has been designed by Audi and VW to maximize filtration in all possible conditions on earth. With tuned cars, replacing the stock air intake system with a high flow intake that retains optimal filtration capability is a crucial step in freeing up horsepower and torque.

Find out more about the various air intake systems from VAG.

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BMC Replacement Air Filter

BMC replacement air filters are designed and produced to ensure a higher air flow than original paper filters. In F1 racing, BMC cotton filters minimize the loss of air flow pressure passing through the air filter, ensuring the best conditions for maximum combustion and maximum power.

It's no wonder that BMC air filters are used in the Audi R8 LMP900 with multiple wins at the American Le Mans Series, and the Audi R8 and R10 TDI at the 24hrs of Le Mans.

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