All the power in the world is nothing without the power to stop - and what better way than with an upgraded Big Brake Kit or strengthened brake components. Select from top aftermarket brands or go with Original R, S or RS Audi and Volkswagen brakes. You won't regret it.

VAG Audi RS Brake Kit

The VAG RS Brake Kit from VAG Singapore is built from the the highest quality brake components and is a guaranteed direct fit for most Audi and selected Volkswagen models. Imagine your car outfitted with the original brake system designed for the outrageously powerful Audi RS5, RS7 or TTRS. If you're looking for superb stopping power with genuine Audi quality, this is the kit to consider!

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Genuine Audi S and Ceramic Brake Kits

Genuine Audi S and ceramic brakes - direct from the Audi S models - are the perfect retrofit if your Audi is tuned and you want improved braking performance while retaining OEM levels of quality, fitment and aesthetics. VAG specialises in retrofitting brake kits for the Audi S3, S4, S5 S6, S7, S8, SQ5, and TTS onto almost all Audi models.

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VAG Slotted / Cross Drilled Brake Rotors

VAG brake rotors are some of the highest quality slotted and/or cross drilled brake discs available for your Audi or Volkswagen. OEM-grade materials and fitment mean that these racing brake discs are direct replacements for your factory brake rotors!

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VAG Titanium Kevlar Brake Pads

VAG Titanium Kevlar brake pads for your Audi or Volkswagen are simply one of the most cost-effective and must-do upgrades you can invest in. As Audi and Volkswagen owners, the impact a set of performance brake pads has on our daily commute is profound. High performance. Low dust. Affordable.

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VAG Stainless Steel Brake Lines

VAG stainless steel brake lines are highly recommended if you are looking for improved braking performance and brake pedal feel. VAG stainless steel brake hoses are also absolutely essential if you have increased power through tuning or other performance modifications.

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Brembo Big Brake Kits

Brembo Big Brake Kits are race-inspired brakes manufactured by Brembo, the world leader in the engineering, development and production of high-performance braking systems and components for powerful cars like your Audi or Volkswagen. VAG Singapore imports, distributes and installs genuine Brembo brake kits and components to true street racing and track enthusiasts.

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