Car Care & Hygiene

VAG Singapore assembles the finest products and services for your car - interior care, grooming, detailing, paint protection and much more... browse the fine brands we carry in our Car Care category.

VAG Cabin Filter

The VAG cabin filter for Audi and Volkswagen is a 3-stage antibacterial cabin filter that provides the highest level of filtration available for the air in your car. Absolutely essential if you care for the health of your family - especially if you have young children, elderly, highly sensitive or asthmatic passengers, or are driving in heavy city conditions with smog or haze. 

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VAG Air Con Disinfectant Treatment

The VAG air-con disinfectant treatment provides effective removal of unpleasant odours, elimination of bacteria and fungi and restores your car's interior to the safe environment it was meant to be for your family and loved ones.

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