VAG Singapore specializes in the electronics that drive the computer on wheels that you call your Audi or Volkswagen!

Audi Navigation Map Upgrade

The very latest Audi map upgrades are available for most Audi models from VAG Singapore. We are currently offering 2017 map upgrades at special prices with further discounts available for customers upgrading from the 2016 to the 2017 version.

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Volkswagen Selectable Folding Mirrors by VAG

VAG has pioneered the Volkswagen Selectable Folding Mirror upgrade for many VW models. This is a cost effective and absolutely essential upgrade if you're tired of having to manually fold your car's wing mirrors.

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Audi Multimedia Interface (MMI) Upgrades

VAG provides several upgrade options for the Audi Multi Media Interface (MMI). From a full retrofit of the very latest MMI 3G+ units to mobile phone mirroring, our Audi specialists provide factory-standard upgrades to Audi owners.

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VAG Surveillance Camera

VAG Surveillance Cameras are currently out of stock.

The VAG Surveillance Camera protects your dream Audi or Volkswagen with a comprehensive, “fit and forget” in-car system that is unmatched for quality and reliability.

The VAG surveillance camera is a high quality, specialized vehicle camera that records every moment of your drive. It works even when your VW or Audi is parked. Using intelligent continuous recording, the VAG surveillance camera has a chic yet compact design that tells admirers, as well as wrong doers, that your car is special.

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AVANTAGE Intel Modul

The AVANTAGE Intel Modul (also known as the VAG DIS Controller) adds powerful functionality to your Volkswagen - so powerful that it as one of the top MUST HAVE enhancements for any Volkswagen today.

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Audi Music Interface Retrofit

The Audi Music Interface - an original accessory from Audi AG - enables you to carry your personal jukebox with you every time you step into your Audi. Making thousands of songs available to you, the Audi Music Interface (AMI) integrates most portable media players into your original Audi MMI.

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VAG Audi MMI Reverse Camera Retrofit

The VAG Audi MMI Reverse Camera Retrofit allows reverse camera integration into almost all OEM Audi MMI systems that do not come standard with a reverse camera.

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Audi Parking System Plus & Rearview Camera Retrofit

Retrofitting the Audi Parking System Plus with optional rear view camera integration is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve safety and avoid scraping the wheels and body panels on your Audi.

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KUFATEC Electronics Upgrades

KUFATEC is the leading manufacturer of OE-grade electronics, cables and connectors for continental cars. VAG Singapore specialises in KUFATEC components for your Audi or Volkswagen, not only supplying KUFATEC components but also providing specialist installation services.

Order your KUFATEC parts from VAG Singapore - the official importer for KUFATEC in Singapore!

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