Interior Parts & Accessories

Parts, accessories and quality upgrades that transform the heart of your cockpit! These are the upgrades you get to really touch and feel when you drive, so money spent here is money well spent!

Genuine Audi RS Steering Wheel Upgrade

Genuine Audi RS steering wheels from Audi cars in the supercar league, available as a genuine retrofit for your Audi daily driver, exclusively from VAG Singapore!

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VAG Sport Pedal Retrofit

VAG Sport pedals are a must-have retrofit if your Audi or Volkswagen comes with boring black rubber pedals. Coming straight from the Audi and VW parts bins, these high quality pedals in your cabin epitomise the class that discerning drivers have come to expect from the engineers at Ingolstadt.

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Genuine Audi Gear Shift Upgrade

Your Audi is never complete without a genuine Audi gear shift upgrade - something which you'll enjoy every day and that will significantly enhance your entire driving experience.

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Genuine Audi ALU switch retrofit

The genuine Audi ALUMINIUM-finish switch retrofit transforms your worn out Audi A4, A5 or Q5 cabin with the unbeatable class of premium parts from the 2012 Audi parts bin. You'll be surprised how much difference this small modification makes to a very visible area of your cabin.

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Paddle Shifter Retrofit

The genuine Volkswagen or Audi paddle gear shifter retrofit is for you if your car has an automatic gearbox and you want to improve control when driving at speed along curvy roads. Do what the professionals do and keep both hands on the wheel while making lightning-fast gear shifts.

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