VAG Team

At VAG, no one knows it all. That's why we have a team where each member specialises in specific technical aspects.

VAG Singapore takes Volkswagen and Audi service and tuning very seriously. We're backed by enthusiasts, founded on over 30 years of experience and knowledge, and equipped with the latest specialised tools.

As a respected specialist, VAG has also been been featured in the media.

Read on to see what's made VAG the largest independent Audi/VW specialist and preferred choice of Audi and VW owners in Singapore.

Enthusiast Backing

Operating an automotive workshop in Singapore is tough. Long hours, low margins, demanding customers, and tough competition don't make an attractive business proposition.

Except to die-hard enthusiasts and long time VW and Audi owners.

We know what Audi owners look for when visiting a garage. When you're greeted by a friendly "hey bro" at our workshop, you can be sure that brotherly welcome comes from a fellow Volkswagen Audi owner.

Every service and upgrade we recommend is extensively tested before release. We believe the foundation of a customer-centric Audi workshop is to become a critical and discerning customer of our own business.

After owning and modifying Audis for years, we've come to one simple conclusion. Every car owner wants the same thing: Mechanics that are honest, professional and reliable.

At VAG, we value: Honest. Professional. Reliable. You can see what our customers say about VAG in reviews and testimonials.

Specialist Knowledge

All the passion in the world counts for nothing without in-depth knowledge and extensive specialist experience.

Today's Audis are more complex than ever, and the Volkswagen Group leads the way in technological advancement. The technological gap is so great that even experienced mechanics struggle to bridge the gap between the average Japanese import and your Audi or Volkswagen.

You'll be surprised at the number of car troubles you face that were probably caused by a mechanic's ignorance and inexperience.

Our Audi and Volkswagen technicians have more than 30 years of experience working exclusively on cars from the Volkswagen Audi Group.

Find out more about the team of Volkswagen Audi Service Specialists at VAG Singapore.

The pace of development at Audi headquarters keeps us on our toes. We're always learning. Always researching. Always testing.

VAG SG has specialists, and the experience it takes to keep your Audi and Volkswagen running the way it was designed to. Even if you renew the COE on your car, we can keep it running smoothly and in excellent running condition.

Specialized Tools

Investing in Volkswagen special tools are absolutely essential when working with cars from the VW Group. These tools are very expensive - possibly why most local garages choose to do without them.

One of the trade's dirty secrets is how many shortcuts are taken when you aren't looking. Or even when you are. Shortcuts that can result in permanent damage to your car, often in places where you can't see them.

VAG Singapore has all the advanced diagnostic equipment and special tools necessary to do the job right on your Audi or Volkswagen. You can trust that your car will be cared for like our own. Because that's who are are - Volkswagen and Audi owners too.

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VAG SG has specialised tools. We use them.

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