VAG Workshop

VAG is Singapore's only independent specialist Audi & VW accident repair workshop and major overhaul centre.

VAG Singapore only uses genuine Volkswagen Audi parts for all our workshop repair work. In addition, as a specialised Audi and VW workshop, we have all the special tools and electronic equipment needed to diagnose and repair your car. Find out more about what sets the VAG Singapore workshop for Audi and Volkswagen apart from any other.

Volkswagen Audi Accident Repair & Overhaul

Our VAG Workshop specialises in:

All other minor workshop services are also provided for Audis and Volkswagens of any model.

VAG Singapore also provides specialist service to most other automotive workshops and garages in Singapore and Malaysia. Contact VAG Singapore if you need help for your Audi or Volkswagen.

Volkswagen Audi Breakdown Recovery Service

VAG Singapore provides a 24hour breakdown recovery service, subject to availability. In addition to roadside assistance for all Volkswagen and Audi models, we can arrange for towing to the VAG Workshop at any time of the week or day for more serious problems that cannot be addressed at the scene.

The VAG Workshop 24hour towing hotline is +65 6795 5005.

A Note On Genuine Audi & Volkswagen Parts

VAG Singapore highly recommends that you always insist on genuine Audi or Volkswagen SERVICE PARTS for your car.

We have had numerous cases of customers coming in with serious car problems after attempting to save a few dollars by installing non-genuine OEM service parts. It's just not worth it, long or short term.

"It's the same lah... why pay so much for Made in Germany parts???"
"The specs are the same lah, look, can you SEE any difference???"
"Your car is old already, use cheaper parts is ok one."
"Any battery will do, German brand battery, German brand car... ok to go!"

A small and humble independent workshop like us always tries to offer savings and value for customers. But we always insist that you use 100% genuine VW and Audi parts.

In fact, if your car is getting on in age, genuine parts will extend your car's drive quality and overall reliability. Cheap parts affect other engine components, leading to even more expensive repairs.

By the way, we have seen aftermarket batteries damage alternators. Don't risk that.

VAG Singapore always uses genuine service parts, even when you're not looking.

VAG Singapore always recommends genuine service parts, even though we would make more money using an OEM alternative for your car.

Sometimes, and only in specific cases, an OEM alternative can save a you some money. If such an option is viable, we will always discuss that alternative with you before proceeding with the repair.

At other times, a high-performance alternative exists - for example, air intakes, brake components, intercoolers - but VAG Singapore will test each and every one extensively before we recommend it.

If you have some questions, please feel free to contact VAG Singapore about Audi and Volkswagen parts.