VAG Warranty Programme

The VAG Warranty Programme for Audi, Volkswagen and other approved makes covers the majority of repairs done by VAG Singapore.

Terms & Conditions governing the VAG WARRANTY PROGRAM

  • Warranty is valid for 1 year (unless otherwise stated) from the date of invoice for genuine Audi and Volkswagen parts supplied and installed by VAG.
  • To qualify for a warranty claim, the vehicle must be assessed at a VAG service centre and an authorised VAG staff member must certify that the part in question is defective and unsuitable for further use.
  • Warranty entitles the member to complimentary replacement of the part under warranty if VAG deems the part to be faulty.
  • The warranty covers parts only and any labour required to install replacement parts are chargeable at prevailing rates.
  • The cost to replace any other defective part, and the labour required, is chargeable even if this part is deemed to have been damaged by a defective item covered by warranty.
  • Warranty applies only to genuine Audi and Volkswagen parts and EXCLUDES all the following:
    • Any part not clearly listed in a VAG invoice.
    • Any part not supplied and installed by VAG.
    • Any part installed more than 1 year prior to the claim date.
    • All wear and tear parts including but not limited to wiper blades, brake pads, brake rotors, clutch, light bulbs, and tyres.
    • All aftermarket parts – any brand of parts that is not genuine Audi or Volkswagen, except where provided by the manufacturer.
    • Lubricant top ups.
    • Towing charges.
    • Replacement vehicle or personal transportation costs
  • Warranty is VOID for all warrantied parts in the entire vehicle under any of the following conditions:
    • Any warrantied part is tampered with or removed for any reason by any party other than VAG.
    • A lapse of more than one year or 10,000km (whichever comes first) occurs between consecutive vehicle servicing jobs done by VAG.
    • A servicing or repair job is done on the vehicle by a party other than VAG.
    • The vehicle is exported, scrapped or deregistered.
  • Replacement parts are subject to availability. No compensation of any kind shall be made by VAG if the vehicle is unusable while waiting for replacement parts.
  • The brand and condition of complimentary replacement parts shall be determined by VAG.
  • Warranty is not exchangeable for cash, credit or any other benefit.
  • VAG reserves the right to change these terms without prior notice and at its sole discretion.

AVANTAGE CLUB membership entitles members to extended warranties and preferential warranty terms. Find out more from any VAG Service Centre or visit